Surrounding Us

Tea Gardens

The region earned its title the Tea Capital of Bangladesh, as Srimongol is home to acres and acres of lush green tea gardens. With the country’s most number of tea gardens located in this region, Srimongol is called “ The land of two leaves and a bud”. As far as the eyes go, one can only see vast areas of terraced tea gardens, along with rubber plantations, pineapple gardens and lemon plantations.

Our resort sits at the heart of the tea gardens, giving a visual treat.

Lawachara National Park

Explore the biodiversity of Lawachara National Park in Bangladesh! Home to 460 species of birds, animals, and reptiles, this evergreen rainforest offers hiking trails and a chance to connect with nature. Declared a National Park in 1996, it spans 12.5 km², providing a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.


Madhabpur Lake

Discover the beauty of Madhabpur Lake in Kamalganj upazilla! Surrounded by lush greenery, this natural reservoir features diverse water plants, including vibrant water lilies. It’s the exclusive spot in Bangladesh to catch a glimpse of the great white-bellied herons.


Darjeeling Tilla

Surrounded by eye-catching scenic beauty of the tea gardens, exists the Darjeeling tilla situated in the MR Khan Tea Estates. Resembling the tea gardens of Darjeeling has earned this tourist attraction spot, the name Darjeeling Tilla.


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