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Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf

The best five star resort in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. Equipped with all modern state of the art amenities and facilities, located in Srimongal (the tea capital of Bangladesh), around four hours drive from Dhaka.This resort is the true combination of ultimate luxury, gracious hospitality and admirable greenery.

Classified in 08 categories with 135 hotel rooms and suites Grand Sultan welcomes you in Sylhet to enjoy your holiday or vacation with comfort and luxury.

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Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape, a family vacation, or a corporate retreat, Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf is the ideal destination. Browse through our website to explore the diverse range of packages and offers tailored to make your stay unforgettable.

Embark on a virtual tour of our resort through this website and get a glimpse of the luxury retreat we want to ensure for our prestigious guests. Sitting at the heart of the lush tea gardens, Grand Sultan brings the beauty of the Tea Capital of Bangladesh closer to you in an opulent sanctuary.

Come, experience the grandeur of Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf – where luxury meets nature, and every moment is a celebration of the finer things in life. Your extraordinary journey begins here!


Facilities & Services


Facilities & Services


Enjoy a delightful dining experience, at our multicuisine restaurants and cafes.


Pursue your fitness regimen at our well equipped gym center.


Relaxation and well-being go hand in hand with the image of a pleasurable holiday.

Children Play Zone

Equipped with various types of children activity games which will keep your children busy & joyful.

Swimming Pool

The amoeba shaped, temperature controlled swimming pool promises a rejuvenating retreat.

Movie Theatre

The 44 seated HD Movie Theater allows you to enjoy a private movie experience.

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Plan your next business event with us – be it an annual conference, product launch, or board meeting. Elevate your occasion with our expertise and make it a GRAND success. Contact us today to book your event.

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Enjoy an exquisite dining experience, at our multicuisine restaurants and cafes. With the most up to date, hygienic kitchen, maintained and operated by a highly skilled team, we ensure a delightful and lavish dining experience.

Guest Reviews

I visited the place with my family. They have single and double bed rooms. The rooms are very cozy and comfy. The hotel has a large waiting room for the guests at the ground floor. On the same floor is the restaurant which has the option of buffet. The buffet has a great variation of food items for meals and desserts. Outside is a swimming pool which is open to the guests staying in. It is temperature controlled and has a limited duration for the day for use. There is another restaurant outside the hotel building which serves great food. They have a beautiful walkway going around the pond. The bridge there is quite the attraction for the guests. In terms of sports, theres is a golf course, long tennis, badminton and many other courts built inside the periphery. Inside the hotel they have excellent rooms with proper room service. Theres a cinema hall, a library and other recreational centres there. This place is quite expensive. Worth a visit to spend a lucrative vacation at Shreemongol.
Shihab Ahmed
Shihab Ahmed
19 June 2024
It is an awesome place for 1/2 nights stay with family. Quality of buffet foods is superb. Summarily, it is an outstanding place and very worth foe value
Sefaul Islam
Sefaul Islam
15 June 2024
গ্রান্ড সুলতান নিয়ে নতুন করে কিছুই বলার নেই! এটা যেমনি দেশের মোস্ট এক্সপেন্সিভ রিসোর্টস গুলোর মধ্যে একটি, তেমনি তাদের সিকিউরিটি ও সার্ভিস! খুবেই সুন্দর ছবির মতো সাজানো... দারুন পরিষ্কার ডাস্ট মুক্ত! লেক ভিউটা সব থেকে সুন্দর 😍 পুলও সুন্দর কিন্তু আর একটু ভাবা উচিৎ একটা ব্যাপারে ৫ তারকা হিসেবে তা তো হুইল চেয়ার/বেবি ট্রলি একক্সেস আরোও বেটার করা! লেক ভিউয়ের সমনের দিকের রাস্তা মসৃন হওয়ায় ঠিক আছে কিন্তু ওপর দিকে যেতে চাইলে স্লিপার নেই ও ওপর দিকের উপর পুরো ওয়াকেওয়ে টা অমসৃন বড় পাথর তাতে চেয়ার নিয়ে যাওয়া যায়না, আবার তাদের রুলসে ঘাসে হাঁটা নিষেধ! এক্ষেত্রে সরু একটা মসৃন পথ রাখা যেতে পারে এতে হুইল চেয়ার বা বেবো ট্রলি নিয়ে ঘুড়া আরো সহজ হবে! আর বর্তমান মোবাইল ফোন গুলো এতো এডভান্স যে এখন আলাদা ভাবে DSLR এলাউ না করার কোনো কারণ খুঁজে পাইনা... এলাউ করতে পারে| ❤️ যাইহোক, এগুলো আরো বেটারের জন্য বলা| সব কিছুর পরেও বেস্ট রিসোর্ট ইন শ্রীমঙ্গল! 🥰 স্টাফ ব্যবহার অত্যন্ত ভালো!
Mohai Menur
Mohai Menur
15 June 2024

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 The best five star resort in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. Equipped with all modern state of the art amenities and facilities, located in Srimongal (the tea capital of Bangladesh), around four hours drive from Dhaka.